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We're UFC fans, too. We were tired of countless "where to watch ufc" conversations before every main event! We grew hungry for a simple, easy-to-use way to find local UFC bars to gather, drink beer, and enjoy UFC fight night. No techno music, no shiny shirts, no spam! Free UFC Bar Fighter Image


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Simple and easy to use, Where To Watch The Fight helps serious UFC fans find places to watch UFC fight night around the country. Perfect for someone looking for new bars to watch UFC, or for the avid traveler; Where To Watch The Fight is building a collection of the best UFC bars from coast to coast. Supported by our fans, Where To Watch The Fight adds new bars to watch UFC for free every day.

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To find free UFC bars, simply enter your zip code. You'll see the latest listings of UFC and MMA bars and other places to watch UFC fight night for free. From free UFC events to pay-per-view UFC events, find a place to watch UFC for free in every corner of the country. No need to spend the big bucks on UFC PPV - watch UFC fight night for free and celebrate among feel the energy of the fans.

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Easy, efficient way to find the best place to watch UFC for free in your neighborhood. No more wondering where to watch UFC for free!

Miami UFC Fan


I just moved from Kalamazoo to Chicago this week and was eager to find bars to watch UFC fight night. A quick search and I was among a sea of UFC fans (and new friends)!

Chicago UFC Fan


My friends and I found THE PLACE to watch UFC for free. It's not packed, seat for everyone, yet love the shouting and screaming of obscenities-amazing.

Grand Rapids UFC Fan


I'm a closet MMA fan and was looking for free UFC bars showing UFC fight night while traveling for business. Twenty minutes after ditching my suit, I was at the only UFC bar around...priceless.

Traveling UFC Fan


You know you're an MMA fan when...

  1. You've never missed a UFC event (including free UFC and ppv UFC events), you can recite every commercial on Spike TV, and you know where to watch the fight at every place you've ever vacationed. 1
  2. You know the fighters. You know their hair color. You know their boxer size. You know where they sit on UFC fight night (even if they're not fighting).2 2
  3. You have a special UFC fight night chant that only your neighbor overhears...yeah, that's weird.3 3
  4. You have a favorite UFC fighter in every weight class. From featherweight to heavyweight, you're leading the cheering section at your local UFC bar.4 4
  5. You can name at least one UFC ring girl. If you can name more three UFC ring girls, please contact us. We need your insight to launch ""5 5
  6. You know every place to watch UFC within a 5 mile radius and you've added them to our database. We thank you (and so do your neighbors)! 6